Western Alaska Guides, Outfitters, and Expediters LLC. is a family run and family owned Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping establishment based in the small north western village of Koyuk, Alaska on the Seward Peninsula. Started by Bob Hannon as Big River Hunting and Trapping, we have over 40 years of quality Trophy Hunting expertise. Each client that books has 2 weeks to fly to remote Alaska and bag an animal, and weather permitting we can almost guarantee a satisfied quota. Of course safety comes first and all arrangements are weather permitting. We specialize in Grizzly and Moose but are not limited to the two, Hunters can also fill tags for wolf, caribou, wolverine, and lynx.

The Family

Robert, Joyce and Jake, Loleta and Blake, Lola and Bob, Roger, Peyton and Piper, Marty and Katie.